All Photography by

Paula Lobo

The Tongue of The Flame.

The tongue of the flame is a raw and dynamic dance theater work-in-process created and performed by internationally acclaimed dancers Blakeley White-McGuire and Daniel Fetecua Soto.

All Photography by

Paula Lobo

Contemporary Modern Dance


Working in the genres of contact improvisation and contemporary modern dance forms they explore control, submission and care-taking as a physical practice. Experimenting with liminality in the realms of love, sexuality and compassion the artists interrogate our human potential for transformation inside the labyrinth of individual choice.


Blakeley White-McGuire

New York-based dancer, choreographer, educator and writer.

Daniel Fetecua Soto

New York-based dancer, choreographer, educator and producer.

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The heart of our physical practice centers us in the cultivation of compassion and care-giving both individually and in community.

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